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When looking at your home values it is important to look at the big picture, not just 1 value. That is why we bring in the best data from the largest value providers in the nation.

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You know your property better than anyone. That is why we give you custom engagement tools so you can adjust your values to match your property.

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Knowing your value is the first step. We also connect you to the best listing options so that when you are ready you have solutions that fit your needs.

Most Accurate and Advanced Home Valuation Tool Below!

Find out how much your Appleton, Wisconsin house is worth for free with this interactive home value tool. Don't leave money on the table!

This is the most accurate home valuation tool in the current market. Keep in mind: For the most accurate home value, an experienced Realtor will create a multipage report from a 1-3 hour home study before you list your home...all for FREE!

We also have multiple cash investors that can show you what a cash offer may look like on your home. Keep in mind that cash buying places might not use Realtors, but you are paying 20%-30%+ for the services rendered (they have to make a profit somehow, and typically starts at 20% or so, plus whatever repair costs might be).

We have found that most of these businesses follow the 70 percent rule in real estate, meaning that they may not offer you more than 70% of your home’s after-repair value. But if you’re looking for a faster and easier transaction, this may not be too much of a negative.

A good Realtor will get the most money for your home! YOUR bottom line matters!

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